Following trends in our region, the number of students and staff affected by COVID-related positive results and exclusions as well as influenza  cases have increased as the week came to a close.  This was especially the case at FCHS in some specific student groups that are considered at outbreak status.  The status on Friday night includes a pause in all FCHS winter sports groups throughout the weekend with an evaluation of the situation continuing over the weekend and into Monday. 

We continue to sanitize surfaces and spaces in all of our schools and facilities and will remind our students to keep their faces covered and practices goo hand hygiene.  We also encourage all of our students and staff to follow good practices outside of school.  We greatly appreciate all of our students and families as they cooperate and share information.  We will continue to share the information that we can on an individual and group basis.  Be sure to check the daily updates in the "Live Feed" found on the left side of the home pages.