We make this post to inform you, not to alarm you.  Frankfort CUSD #168 and all schools across the state have been made aware of a post circulating on TikTok that calls for nationwide “school shooting and bomb threats for every school in the USA even elementary” that will supposedly take place on Friday, December 17, 2021. The original post is general and not directed at any specific school. So far, the origins of this post are unknown and there is no indication this post is within our District or even within the State of Illinois.

 Local, regional, and state law enforcement are aware of the post and we have been in communication throughout the day. Please know that, in conjunction with local law enforcement, we will continue to monitor the situation. Again, we are sharing this notice out of an abundance of caution and as a precautionary measure.

 Remember that tomorrow is also our last day of the first semester and that we will be dismissing on the Early Dismissal (2:27 p.m.) schedule.

 While we are talking about these issues, please remember some key points about making good decisions and easing these feelings of concern:

  • Be sure to report any concerning message you hear or see in person or online to a trusted adult, school administration or staff member, or police.
  • The Safe2Help Illinois is a 24/7 program for students to share school safety issues, find resources to get help and find encouragement to help others. Reports can be made at https://app.safe22helpil.com/.
  • Please do not promote social media rumors, instead, tell us.
  • If you feel uncomfortable about something you read, something you hear, something you see please, report it so we can do something about it.
  • Know who is connecting with your children online and set rules for social networking, instant messaging, e-mailing, online gaming and using webcams.

 Please don’t hesitate to contact your school if you have any questions or concerns. Let’s get safely through to our winter break.