As we begin the second semester, the District has two updates regarding COVID-related items that was communicated through a District “all call” on Sunday evening, January 2.

      First, you may have read that the CDC and the Illinois Department of Public Health have changed guidance on the length of quarantines for the general public.  HOWEVER, they have not made any changes for their directions for school settings.  This means that for school, we will continue using the longer quarantine and exclusion periods.  We know that the CDC and IDPH are continuing to work on guidance for schools and if and when it changes, we will let you know.

      Second, we will be releasing information later this week and sending letters home with our students who might want to participate in a VOLUNTARY, “Test to Stay” Program.  This would be for students who might be exposed for close contacts at school.  Again, this program will be completely voluntary and we will have more information to you by the middle of the week.  This will give us one more tool to use to keep our students and staff in school in person.

      We begin our second semester tomorrow looking forward to what we can accomplish between now and the warmer days at the end of school in May.