While we watch snow fall this weekend, we want to review our normal protocols when we call for “Snow Days” for snow, ice, and other inclement weather that might affect us during the week.

     If school is cancelled because of snow or any other emergency, there will always be at least two main channels of communication.  We will make an “All-Call” on our school system AND we will post the information on our website.  Until you see and hear that, always assume that we will have school on our regularly scheduled days.

     After those postings are completed, we will move on to contacting WSIL-TV 3, WPSD-TV 6, KFVS-TV 12, Withers Radios Stations (including WFRX-AM 1300 / WQRL-FM 106.3), WSIU-FM 91.9, and River Radio Stations (CIL-FM 101.5 / Z-100-FM 99.9 / Magic-FM 95.5 / WJPF-AM 1340).  We will be designated as Frankfort CUSD 168 or West Frankfort CUSD 168 on those channels.

     In the meantime, you may have noticed our sudden cancellation last Thursday night for last Friday, January 7.  This was because of an unfortunate error caused when the wrong code was entered by the Regional Office of Education for Franklin County Schools.  That is why you received no advanced call or posting.  We have worked together to prevent that from happening again.  Again, the official notification will come from our district specifically so that we can keep confusion to a minimum.

     Finally, we will try to give our families as much time as we can to prepare for an emergency day.  Still, we monitor forecasts to make those decisions and those are not always clear and certain.  We thank you for your patience as we try to make the best decision to hold school safely each day.  Enjoy the snow on Saturday.  We will resume school on Tuesday, January 18 after this holiday weekend of service.